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Refco India Corporation is a trusted name in the world of Corrosion Resistance. We offer proven solutions to fight corrosion from Acids/Alkalis, Chemicals and Highly Corrosive Environments.

We provide Acid Resistant Solutions for Chemical Storage/Reaction Tanks, Drains, Battery Rooms, Floors, ETP, Galvanizing Tanks, Pickling Areas, Demineralization Plants, Towers, Chests, Digestors, Drying Towers, Neutralization pits etc.

We have served numerous customers by saving their equipments & structures from continuous chemical attack and extended the life of tanks, vessels, reactors & structures hence saving huge capital expenditure cost & reducing production down-time.


  • Acid Resistant Brick & Tile Lining

  • Chemical/Corrosion Resistant Coatings

  • Corrosion Audits

  • Design Engineering Consultancy

  • Estimation & Product Selection

  • Complete Installation & Supervision

  • Maintenance Solutions

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